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Wolf kits 1/20 news

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Wolf kits
1/20 new kits

WGP20099 1/20 Shadow DN8 South Africa GP 1977 - Tom Pryce and Renzo Zorzi

WGP20100 1/20 Shadow DN8 Monaco GP 1977  - Alan Jones and debut Ricardo Patrese plus add Jackie Oliver

WGP20101 1/20 Shadow DN8 Netherlands GP 1976 - 4th Tom Pryce

WGP20102 1/20 Shadow DN8 Long Beach GP 1977 - Alan Jones Renzo Zorzi

If you maybe interested in some other Wolf Kits models, here is a list of what is still possible to get from their production, just let me know and I will confirm you price:
WGP20098 Shadow DN8 Japan GP 1977 
WGP20097 Shadow DN8 USA GP 1977 
WGP20096 Shadow DN8 Austrian GP 1977 
WGP20095 Shadow DN8 Brazilian GP 1978
WGP20094 McLaren M28 Argentine GP 1979
WGP20093 McLaren M28 USA GP 1979 Lowenbrau 
WGP20092 Hesketh 308E Ian Ashey 1977 
WGP20091 Footwork FA17 early version 
WGP20090 Footwork FA17 late version 
WGP20089 ATS D4 
WGP20088 AGS JH22 Australia GP 
WGP20087 Maki F101B   
WGP20086 Maki F101C 
WGP20085 Surtees TS20 1978 Austria GP "Vittorio Brambila" 
WGP20084 Surtees TS20 1978 Spain GP "Rupert Keegan"
WGP20083 AGS JH22 Monaco GP '87 "Pascal Fabre" 
WGP20082 March 821 Emilio de Villota    
WGP20081 Surtees TS19 1978 Versions 
WGP20080 Surtees TS19 1977 Germany GP 
WGP20079 Surtees TS19 1977 Belgium GP 
WGP20078 Surtees TS19 1977 Argentina GP
WGP20077 Surtees TS19 1976 Belgium GP 
WGP20076 Surtees TS19 1976 British GP 
WGP20075 Surtees TS19 1976 Team Norev Pescarolo 
WGP20074 Surtees TS19 1976 Japan GP A. Jones    
WGP20073 Surtees TS19 1976 Japan GP N.Takahara 
WGP20072 Brabham BT48 1979 Dutch GP   
WGP20071 Brabham BT48 Press presentation
WGP20070 Brabham BT48 1979 Brazil GP
WGP20069 Jordan EJ15 USA GP
WGP20068 Jordan EJ14 Canada GP + Belgium, Brazil and Italy 
WGP20067 Jordan EJ14 Hungary GP + Britain and Germany GP 
WGP20066 Jordan EJ14 Europe GP + Monaco and French GP 
WGP20065 Jordan EJ14 Spain GP + San Marino and USA GP 
WGP20064 Jordan EJ14 Japan GP and China GP   
WGP20063 Jordan EJ14 Malasia GP + Bahrain and Australia  
WGP20062 Arrows A22 Austrian GP  
WGP20061 Arrows A22 Monaco GP High Wing 
WGP20060 Toleman TG185 Silverstone Test 
WGP20059 Toleman TG185 Germany GP - Pole Car
WGP20058 Williams FW06 USA GP 1978 
WGP20057 Brabham BT60Y 91' Monaco GP
WGP20056 Brabham BT60Y 91' Japan GP
WGP20055  Brabham BT60B   
WGP20054 Brabham BT60B 92' Late Version 
WGP20053 Footwork Porsche FA12    
WGP20052 Fittipaldi F5 77' USA GP 
WGP20051 Tyrrell 009  80' Brasil GP
WGP20050 Tyrrell 010  81' Imola GP 
WGP20049 Tyrrell 010  81' British GP
WGP20048 Tyrrell 010  81' USA Long Beach GP
WGP20047 Tyrrell 010  81' South Africa GP 
WGP20046 Tyrrell 010  81' Monaco GP 
WGP20045 Tyrrell 010  81' USA L. Beach GP Michelob 
WGP20044 Tyrrell 010  80' Candy 
WGP20043 Tyrrell 009  79' South Africa GP 
WGP20042 Tyrrell 009  79' England GP   
WGP20041 Tyrrell 009  79' Monaco GP    
WGP20040 Fittipaldi F5 
WGP20039 Jordan EJ13 Brasilian GP 
WGP20038 Tyrrel 003 '71 World Champion 
WGP20037 Tyrrel 003 '71 World Champion High nose 
WGP20036 Tyrrel 003 '73 South African GP 
WGP20035 Tyrrel 012  '85 Portugal GP "Rain Tyres"
WGP20034 Tyrrel 012  '84 Nederland GP 
WGP20033 Tyrrel 012  '84 British GP 
WGP20032 Tyrrel 012  '84 USA East GP
WGP20031 Tyrrel 012  '84 Monaco GP Brundle 
WGP20030 Tyrrel 012  '84 Monaco GP "Rain Tyres"  
WGP20029 Tyrrel 012  '84 Brasilian GP 
WGP20028 Tyrrel 012  '83 Nederland GP
WGP20027 Tyrrel 012  Boomerange '83 Austrian GP 
WGP20026 March 821 "Rothmans"  
WGP20025 March 821 South African GP '82
WGP20024 Tyrrel 005  '72 Canadian GP 
WGP20023 Jaguar R4  GP 20023 
WGP20022 Jaguar R4 '03 Monaco GP 
WGP20020 Hesketh 308E E.Cheever,D.Galica D.Daly 
WGP20019 Hesketh 308E H. Ertl Heyco  
WGP20018 Hesketh 308E H.Rebaque Marlboro 
WGP20016 M01 
WGP20014 Arrows A3 '80 Long Beach GP Gold 
WGP20013 Arrows A3 '81 Long Beach GP  
WGP20012 Minardi Show Car 2002 
WGP20011 Minardi PS01 First car F.Alonso 
WGP20009 Jordan J192 Yamaha   
WGP20008 Jordan J193 '93 European GP 
WGP20007 Benetton B194 '94 Pacifico GP 
WGP20006 Jordan J194 '94 Pacific GP "Low stock" 
WGP20005 Fittipaldi F7  

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