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Hiro 1/12 Ferrari 330P4 Berlinetta

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new 1/12 Ferrari 330P4 Berlinetta

Price euro 680 shipping included for orders placed until 22nd september

■The 330 P4 was sent to the circuit in 1967 to compete with the Fords, after the lost in the 1966 Le Mans race.

The P4 had fought vigorously with the Fords in many circuits like the Daytona 24 hours and Sarthe 24 hours endurance race.

■This fulldetail, multi-material kit is made of lathe-cutting aluminium (for wheel rims), photo etch sheets, decal sheets, white metal and rubber.

■The front cowl is detachable, the rear cowl and the doors cab be opened, the interior details can be seen.

■The rubber tyres are printed with the manufacturer logos.

Versions available are:

K492 Ver.A : 
1967 Daytona 24hours #24 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes
1967 Spa 1000km #9 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes
1967 Sarte 24hours race #19 G.Klass / P.Sutcliffe


K493 Ver.B :
1967 Monza 1000km #4 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes
1967 Sarte 24hours race #21 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes

K494 Ver.C :
1967 Sarte 24hours race #24 W.Mairesse / “Beurlys”
1967 Monza 1000km #3 L.Bandini / C.Amon

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