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Hiro 1/700 Musashi

Posted by admin 07/09/2015 0 Comment(s)

new military kit 1/700 Japanese battleship Musashi

Price € 370 shipping included for orders placed until 22nd july

Here you can see some more photos of the kit

[Kit Details]

■This multi-material kit are made of white metal, resin, photo etch, and photopolymer from the laser lithography machine. The bridge, chimney, observation aircrafts, and searchlight will be made in one-piece by using photopolymer, they presenting the ultimate level of quality and details. The observation aircrafts, and the searchlight will be translucent.

■The ship body will be available in both full hull and waterline type. This kit omits the interior parts of 1/700 scale “YAMATO”, in order to reduce the number of parts for your ease of assembling.

■The barrels of the main cannons and the sub cannons are made of lathe-cutting metals, and the barrels of anti aircraft cannon will be made of stainless steel, and all the barrels will be hollow from centre. The chain of the anchor will also be made of metal.

■The deck will be made of photo etching sheet which produced with very detail mold. The detail parts, like the handrails, will be also in form of photo etching sheet.

■The metal connections of the outer component, and the outline detail of the battleship are reproduced by the detailed design of the mold, the power and the detail will also be seen on the kit.

■The resin parts and most of the metal parts are specially designed to hide most of the parting lines from the surface. Surface treatments are not needed in most of the parts.

■Metal display stand is included.

■This kit is based on the battleship “MUSASHI” at October 1944 (Showa 19)

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