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new Joe Honda book

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JOE HONDA Sportscar spectacles No.09: Sport Prototype 1967 part 02 "International Championship for Sport Prototypes and Sports cars"

■JOE HONDA Sportscar Spectacles by HIRO No.08 : Sport Prototype 1967 PART-01 “International Championship for Sports Prototypes and Sports cars”

The No. 9 issue of the “Sportscar Spectacles by HIRO” series will be continuing the feature of 1967 sportscar championships.

The races included in this second half of the 1967 feature will be: Monza 1000KM, Spa 1000KM, Nürburgring 1000KM, and BOAC 500KM. The main featuring machines starting from the Ferrari 330P4/410P series, and also the ambushed Porsche 910, 906, Lola T70 Mk III Aston, Chevrolet, Chaparral 2F, mirage M1, Mini Marcos, and etc, all with colourful characteristics and diversity. Especially in BOAC, “that” Japanese hero who raced with Works Porsche 910 could be found in this issue.
Please enjoy this issue and make it as your modelling references!

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